Team Associated TC5


Team Associated TC5 has arrived and had its first test run at the NWMCC ballymoney track yesterday. Associated’s previous touring cars (the TC3 and TC4) ran shaft drive systems and so the TC5 is very different with its 2 belt system. The car is all new compared to the 4 even down to the hardware as this kit uses all metric screws etc.

The car felt really nice and smooth on it first outting despite the track conditions not being ideal. It will be out again this sunday for the UMCC’s club event, again at the Ballymoney on road facility. I’m looking forward to further track time with the car before the Scottish outdoor gp and brca national round 3 taking place the first two weekends in June from which high results are hoped for.

Click for more pictures of the new ride taken yesterday including Mr Johnny Dunn running his eye over the kit, critical of my race prep as ever.

These pictures were taken at Ballymoney…


Mr Johnny Dunn – looks like a convert from Xray yo Associated may be on the cards


Another view of the car


And finally my nice tidy pit area.

Al Bickerstaff

27th May 07