Team Corally Solder Station 75 Review

I have always used a 12v soldering iron for my racing needs. This gives the advantage of being able to be used at home or at the track. But for some jobs my 12v iron struggles to get up to temperature and it is certainly not quick to get up to full temperature.

So I decided to treat myself to a soldering station and I decided on the Team Corally one that I got courtesy of Darren Boyle at DMS Racing/XFactory UK.

The station comes in a neat box and it does weigh a bit more than I expected;


In the box you get a manual (don’t worry not a lot to read!), the station that powers the soldering iron, a neat stand to hold the iron and off course the iron itself;


You simply attach the iron to the front of the station and tighten it on to keep it secure. The iron is then held securely in the holder, no more burning your pit board or desk! The holder has a thin dry sponge supplied with it but when you add water it expands to fill the tray at the front of the holder. This can be used when wet to clean the solder tip.

Some details and features on the station… it is a 75 Watt iron that can be heated within a range of 200 – 450 Celsius. It has a 3 digit LCD on the front of the station that shows the temperature and you can change the temperature using two buttons. The display can also be changed between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The whole unit is mains powered.

The iron itself comes with a pointed tip but it is quite large meaning it can be used for motors and even some slightly smaller tasks. According to the manual the iron uses a high-power Hakko heating element and in practice I found it reaches working temperature very fast, see the video at the end of this review. Before using it the manual tells you to tin the tip with solder, so I just put it to full temperature and covered the tip with solder.


In the picture above you can see the nut that holds the tip in place. Unscrewing this (when the iron is cold!!!) allows you to easily replace the tip. You can get a pack of three tips from Corally, part no. C-48513 that includes the default tip as well as a narrow tip and chisel tip for different jobs.

One feature that I really liked was the sleeping mode and automatic shutdown. You can set a sleep time and a shutdown time. When arriving to the set sleep time, the iron will be lowered to 200 ° C in temperature, and enters into the sleep mode. After the soldering iron has entered sleep mode, the station starts timing. If the soldering iron is still in the sleep state within the set shutdown time, the equipment will automatic power off to save energy and for extra safety. The automatic shutdown time range can be set from 0 to 99 minute. All geared towards safety and means you will not forget to switch off your iron.

The station in action;


As you can see from the (somewhat shaky video below) the station gets up to temperature very quickly and is ready for use.

I have not played with the actual temperature needed for different jobs but have found soldering motor wires etc. so easy with the station. The station itself seems good quality and at a full retail price of £69.99 falls into the category of an impulse buy :)


More details here;,-tools-and-accessories/general-tools-and-accessories/soldering-station-75-watt-temperature-controlled-uk-plug-detail