Team Corally Pit Case

I was wandering around the XFactoryUK web site and came across the Team Corally Pit Box… I was looking for a possible replacement for my trusty Polybutler and the Corally box seemed to tick all the boxes for me. The pictures and text below take you through how I have mine laid out…


The pit box has four large assortment boxes with adjustable compartments which was something I was looking for as touring car and 10th racing has all sorts of small parts!


At the front two ‘doors’ click closed to keep the four parts cases securely in the case. Each door has two latches that are pushed together to open then and they click securely in place so the odds on it opening by accident are very slim.

At the top there are some compartments in the lid of different sizes;


And then when you open the lid you find a big compartment that is foam lined;


In my case this was great for keeping my Corally diff and shock oil upright and I decided to put my charger in there as well safe from knocks in my bag. Some pictures on the Corally site show a transmitter in this compartment but as I run a steering wheel with a drop down wheel it would not fit.

The four cases themselves are a bit like Doctor Who’s Tardis in the amount of stuff you can get into them… I have everything from tools, to electrical accessories to power supplies in mine… hours of fun organising it :)


And the great thing is that you can also buy spare boxes;


So I have a couple of spares that I plan to use for my nitro specific racing and it means that I can simply take out a couple of electric boxes, put in the nitro ones and go racing!

In summary…

– 4 large assortment boxes with adjustable compartments
– larger storage under the lid
– 3 extra lid compartments with movable dividers
– Safety latches to secure lock the boxes in place
– Cubed universal foam included

Corally also say on their site that the case is so strong, you can use it as a chair… I will leave that to someone a bit lighter than me to try!

I am really pleased with the case, it has taken so many knocks and has bene thrown in the boot of my car to go racing and it is performing really well. Lots of dividers really suits electric racing and smaller parts don’t get lost.

Final dimensions and parts numbers

Part no: C-90251
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black / Red
Length (mm): 420 mm
Height (mm): 400 mm
Width (mm): 303 mm

It can be seen here on the XFactoryUK web site and ordered from your local model shop
And here it is on the Corally site;