Corally Eclips 2240 Duo Charger Review

Recently, after a great conversation with Darren Boyle at XFactoryUK I signed up to race for them running their great line of products.  The main draw for me was the fact that they are the UK distributors for the Corally racing brand.  In the past I have raced Corally touring cars including the RDX and the Phi and I have great memories of the quality of their kits.  Over the coming weeks I will be putting out some small reviews on the following as I get up to spped and start using them;

  • Eclips 2240 charger
  • Cerix Pro-160 Speedo Controller
  • DynoSpec 3.0 13.5 brushless motor
  • Corally Pit Case

But for todays review I want to introduce Corally’s mid level dual charger, the Eclips 2240; 


As I said the 2240 is in the middle of Corallys range of dual chargers (that can charge two packs at once).  They do other single chargers and a lower and higher spec dual charger as well as a quad (yes four!0 way charger.

But for modern racing, especially if you do two classes a dual charger is a must and the 2240 can charge two packs at once at up to 12AMPs, more than enough for me.  What’s more is can be powered from the mains and from a 12v source so perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Some information from Corally;

“The Eclips 2240 features 2 totally independent and identical power outputs which are powered 120 watts each. A total power package of 240 watts. The Eclips 2240 can charge or discharge up to 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cells or 2 x 6S Lithium cell battery packs simultaneously.

The charger has 2 individual cell voltage balancer at each output. The charger can be used continuously due to the 2 fan cooling system and the internal sensor for controlling fan speed. The Eclips 2240 features internal cell balancers, high contrast LCD displays and important warning and safety functions.


o Dual charge output
o 1-6 Li-Po, Li-Po HV, Li-Fe, Li-Ion cells
o 1-15 NiCd and NiMH cells
o 2-20V PB batteries
o Fast Charge, Balance Charge and Storage Charge modes for lithium batteries
o Automatically controls current rate during charging and discharging process
o Two independent 120 watt power outputs charges up to 2 batteries simultaneously
o Two independent balancing ports for lithium batteries
o Five user customizable pre-set per output
o Two fan cooling system with internal sensor for controlling fan speed
o Batteries can be set to automatically Charge/Discharge or Discharge/Charge up to a maximum of 10 cycles
o Power supply output 240 Watt – 17V DC”

But enough of the specs how does it look and work;

The short answer is very well indeed… the specs on the box;


When you remove the charger from the box you see the silver metal case complete with Corally logo and a simple, well laid out set of buttons below two screens;


The red plastic parts on the side save the charger from any knocks but also hold the charger at a slight angle for better viewing on your pit table.

On the right hand side you see a fan and also the connection used with the included cable to connect to your 12v supply if you want/  There is also a 5v/2.1A output for phones etc.  Next to that is a USB port marked PC Link which I assume is for updates or possible some external monitoring software that may come in the future.


On the left you have another fan and also the connector to allow you to connect the 2240 to the mains for power.  Also another PC Link port…


Included with the charger is two charge cables and balancing boards along with a 12v power and mains power connector;


Because my main use for the charger was going to be to charge two cell lipos for my touring car I purchased two C-50290 Team Corally Charge/Balance leads that come with 4mm Corally connectors, 2mm balance connector and the correct connector to plug straight into the charger.


As the charger has built in balancers this makes for a much neater solution for me;img_20161028_140938

On the front you can see the dual balance ports and power as well as temp sensor interfaces (note no temp leads included).

The manual is very clear and I have both sides setup to charge 2S Lipo at 10A.  Once set up it is just a matter of holding down the Enter ket for a second, the charger then checks that the battery is connected correctly and that the spec matches what you said you want to charge.  Then you confirm go by pressing enter again and the charger does it’s job very well indeed.  You can charge different types of packs at different charge rates at the same time and the charger feels like a sturdy unit that does all that I want of it.

As I said there is also a higher powered version the 2400 that can charge at 20A on one channel and 12A on another.

Really pleased with the 2240 and at a full retail price of £139.99 for what is effectively two good chargers for mains and 12v this, in my opinion is good value.

You can see more details on the XFactoryUK site here where you can read more details on this charger and see the other models.