Moody Fools Titanium Screw sets

For the last few cars that I have owned and built I have been using Titanium screws which is a bit of a luxury I think but they do look good and they do save weight.  When you consider that the latest HPI Pro 5 uses approximately 118 screws not including those in the gear diff and the motor mount screws you can see that there is a good saving to be made.


Some people have asked me where I get mine from and the simple answer is from Remo Casadei who runs and it is well worth having a look at the site because he not only does single screws but he also puts together custom screw sets for most makes of touring cars.  These custom sets include all the screws required for a car build and they come neatly packaged with the screws separated out into the different types so you can find them as you go through the build.


In addition you get a full list of all screws included that Remo has taken from the manuals and also a Moody Fool sticker sheet to decorate your shell after bringing it with Ti screws.  Every set I have received from Remo has always been perfect and the screws themselves seem to wear well even on screws like top deck or shock screws that you would remove during maintenance etc.

The custom screw sets can be found here;