Build review Team Magic E4

As a lot of you may know Team Magic have a good reputation in the nitro car world with it’s G4 especially in the hans of UK driver Darren Johnson. Team Magic has more recently turned it’s hand to off-road racing with the M1B and now it has released an electric touring car.

Pictures of a Team Magic electric car started surfacing in September 2006…

E4 Original-1

The car that was finally released last in 2007 was different especially around the cells – this was due to the new 4, 5 and 6 cell classes.

I have managed to get one of the cars and have done a build review…

When you first receive the box with the car in it you have to be impressed with the quality – this is not just a normal cardboard box. It has a feeling of quality and this continues when you take out the manual which is an embossed quality paper… Hope the car lives up to the quality of the packaging.


A lot of things about the car come ready built including parts of the chassis and everything looks to be great quality (you will notice the word quality throughout this article as I am more than impressed with the build of this car – and as many of you know I have built pretty much every car out there from Xray, Schumacher, Yokomo, Hot Bodies and Tamiya at one stage or another.)

Box Opened

The rear bulkheads, already attached and nice and shiny…

Rear Bulkhead

One of the first things that strikes you about the chassis is how narrow it is. The following two pictures show the chassis next to and ontop of my TC5 chassis;

Tc5 E4

As you can see it really is very narrow. The other thing that Team Magic have done is worked on getting as many of the heavy parts of the car as close to the middle of the car as possible. The cells, being the heaviest part of the car, get special attention and are actually loaded through the bottom of the car on a specially made alloy tray – this puts the cells very close to the middle.

In order to do this Team Magic have gone back to their nitro roots and have put three belts on this car (yes three!). One short belt from the rear diff to the drive pulley and a similar short belt on the front spool/one way to another drive pulley. These are then linked by a belt the length of the car that connects the two together. A bit different…

As mentioned earlier some of the parts come ready built and this includes the driveshafts and makes building the kit a breeze. Just check everything is tight – in my case everything was well put together.

Front Hub

The spool/one way is a beautiful alloy construction and feels extremely solid. Team Magic have taken a leaf out of Xrays book here and constructed a one way (front wheels spin freely off power) that can be made into a spool or solid diff (wheels locked for maximum forward power and braking) simply by putting a pin through the middle to lock it up.


The rear of the car comes with a diff which is again very nice with alloy outdrives to improve wear and tear.

Some pictures of the front of the car being built;

Front Built

Note the inserts in the front hinge pin mount – these can be turned round to give different amounts of toe-in (same on the rear).

Front Built2

The completed front end;

Front Complete

Here you can see the small belt on the spool/one way and the pulley that the belt that runs the length of the car will go on;

Front Steering

The rear of the cargoes together really well;

Rear Built

Again note the alloy pulleys and the short rear belt.

And the completed rear of the car;

Rear Complete

And a nice view of the shocks which again come ready built and just need to be filled with the included oil. I really like the small touches like the logo in silver on the shock tower and chassis.

Rear Shock

And the completed car…


Side View

Once again E4 v TC5

E4 Tc5

And my nice simple shell…

White Shell

The E4 went together really well, as good as any of the other ‘big’ players. It is a bit different which is why I wanted to build one and it is nice to see a car that is not another clone. There are some pretty good videos on YouTube ( that show the cars unbelieveable cornering ability which is put down to the centre battery alignment.

I also have to stress the kit is very well made and k-factory also have a range of hopups out for the car already including rear hubs, rear toe-in blocks and motor heat sink.  As well as this Team Magic have already announced a foam spec car which will be out soon.

For more information check out Team Magics site which is already showing results coming through of wins for the E4.