ARC R11 2019 Upgrade Kit Review

Touring cars are getting expensive!! The average high end race car is now around the £450-£500 mark in the UK and that is before you start to buy hop ups and spares and a lot of manufacturers are bringing out a new car each year… so another £450 gets spent. One company who recognised that this is not sustainable is […]

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ARC R11 2018 Build Review

Over the last few years I have had a chance to build a number of ARC cars and I have always been very impressed with the build quality and the spec of their cars out of the box.  The other thing I love about ARC cars is that they always produce a full upgrade kit for the previous years model […]

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Awesomatix A800X Build Review

One RC car that I have always wanted to build is an Awesomatix and recently, thanks to Gareth Hollis at 6KRacing I got the chance…. Read on to see what I thought of this amazing (there’s a hint) car… In the past the Awesomatix has always been seen as a very technologically advanced car and is the brainchild of Oleg […]

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